Entry #6

Aaand I'm back!

2016-01-23 18:45:31 by KLawter

It's been a while, Newgrounds! I'm sorry to anyone who has reached out to me during my hiatus. Your comments are crazy appreciated. :3


Expect new projects to be popping up, including my first game Cope, which I just uploaded. 


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2016-01-25 22:06:26

Wow, new game, new art, great to see you so busy! Had to hit Tab a few times in the game to figure out how to advance, no biggie, really liked the content/script! Guess that's you in the video? Sure brought back the FMV gaming days a yesteryear, it's a nice touch!

KLawter responds:

Hey, thanks! Good to hear from you! Thanks for the input too. Pretty new to working with game mechanics, so any input is great at this point. And yah, I'm totally a sucker for that old Myst magic.


2016-01-29 12:25:45

what was the piano music that was in the explanation of earth's destruction and the story?

KLawter responds:

ShadyDave from freesound.org: https://www.freesound.org/people/ShadyDave/

Good stuff.


2016-01-30 15:25:33

i just played it it was amazing! i cannot wait for the sequel and with your permission would love to review it and post a video on my youtube channnel

KLawter responds:

Of course, that sounds great! And I really appreciate your comments.


2016-02-25 23:02:58

COPE is amazing, keep up the good work! This reminds me of SOMA and a few other games with similar concepts.

Looking forward to the next part :D