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Entry #5

The ABCs of the Bizarre Bazaar

3/10/13 by KLawter

Here's a project I've been working on on the side, while I worked on the much larger horror story that it's based on. To keep myself drawing and to get myself cozy with the characters I made this ABC book of circusy, sideshowey goodness.

Since I don't believe I can smother this post with pictures, more sneak peeks and spread shots can be found littering my facebook page: Stalk here!

And if you're interested in owning one of these shiny shiny books, it is available in my shop: Throw money at me!

The ABCs of the Bizarre Bazaar


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11 days ago

Hope you're still checking this account!
Saw this and though of you :)



Just got Bizarre Bazaar today, thanks so much! I'll keep an eye out for folks who would want a custom mask as well... they really are stunning, Art portal worthy, even.

9/2/13 KLawter responds:

Thanks so much for the support!



"Bizarre Bazaar" is a great name for a thing!



I am confident the somewhat scary graphic novel you are working on, will be a great success!
The ABC book... looks politically devious indeed.

Looks sexy as hell.

Is this other horror story going to be a comic too?

3/10/13 KLawter responds:

Thanks! The main story is going to an illustrated novel. There will be lots of art through out, but mostly text.